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Reconditioned Gear Boxes
at a Fraction of their Original Cost.

Available from 1 ton to 91 tons. 100 hp up to 2000 hp.

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  Allegheny, the world’s foremost manufacturer of industrial paper shredders, now offers a wide selection of brand-name gearboxes at a fraction of their original price.

  Ranging from 100 Hp. to 2,000 Hp, with weights from 1 ton to 91 tons, the majority of these were stand-by boxes that served as spares and were never used. Many have never had power to them—and are still on their original skids. Those that were used have been fully reconditioned by the engineers and technicians that have made Allegheny equipment renowned worldwide for its quality and durability.

  These gearboxes are ideal for use by rubber mills, sugar mills and others. They will provide years of use, even in the most abusive situations. The specs for each gearbox are available, along with photos of interiors and exteriors.

  Contact us today and give us a chance to show you what we have. Your savings will be tremendous, and the excellent condition of these boxes will convince you that it makes little sense to buy new.

Brands available:

Allegheny Gear Boxes
Foote Brothers
Foote Jones
Foote Jones Dresser
Foote Jones Jeffrey
D.O. James
Sheffield Steel
Hershburg Scott
United Engineering
(this box weighs 91 tons! pictured above)
Link Belt
David Brown
Pacific Western
Pittsburgh Gear
Sizes in each brand vary.

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